You may have noticed that we put a particular emphasis on stunning photography here at Flat-Out. It may even be one of the reasons you grace us with your presence.

Summer has (so far) been prime time for getting behind the lens and we’ve made the most of the mostly excellent weather by getting out on the road, hunting out the coolest events and putting together some epic trips in the saddle or behind the wheel.

Yet, we only get to share a fraction of our snaps from each adventure so we thought we’d start a new series, The Cutting Room Floor, where we can bring you some of the photos that didn’t quite make the grade (but are still super cool). To kick us off, here’s an alternative look at some of our early summer highlights:

Wheels & Waves

Every year, the town of Biarritz is transformed by a swarm of custom motorbikes and avid surfers, all looking to get their kicks at the Wheels & Waves festival. If there was one event that summed up the Flat-Out spirit, this is it.

For this year’s annual pilgrimage to the French coast, Leon took his own Honda CX500 café racer for a blast soaking up all that this eclectic gathering has to offer, from the Punks Peak hillclimb to a chat with skate legend, Steve Cabellero.

Eroica Britannia

While Leon was trekking across western France, Josh was on a two-wheeled adventure of his own, sampling the eccentric Eroica Britannia cycle ride, an event where everyone dons yesteryear garbs and pedals across the Peak District countryside on an array of pre-1987 bikes. Sound crazy? Well, it was.

Maserati in the Peak District

While we may dream of drives along Pacific Coast Highway or Route Napoleon, stunning scenery and epic roads aren’t as far from our doorstep was we would believe.

Behind the wheel of Maserati’s stunning Ghibli S sports saloon we headed north to the Peak District to tackle some of the national park’s most famous passes, all with a glorious, wailing V6 sound track.

Red Hook London

Wet tarmac, cobbled corners and no brakes. Yep, Red Hook London 3 was the gnarliest cycle race we’ve ever come across. Love the fixie scene? This is a must-see. Make a note in your diary for 2018 now.

Assembly Chopper Show

Tucked away under the old arches near Waterloo station, House of Vans London is a skate haven, a refuge from the hustle and bustle of the big city. For one weekend this summer, it was transformed into the coolest motorbike show around: Assembly London.

With a plentiful supply of bikes, booze and backstreet tattoos (yes, there really were guys getting spontaneous ink), what more could you want? Sophistication? Luxury? Pah, forget it…

Mercedes-Benz Museum

Talking of sophistication, the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart is, understandably, home to some of finest Benzes around. On our recent trip to Germany, we gawped our way around this Mercedes mecca. Thankfully, we remembered to take a few photos too.

Switzerland on an Indian Scout

Clear roads, even clearer skies, and an Indian Scout on which we could blast towards the Swiss horizon. Yep, our road trip across some of Switzerland’s famous mountains couldn’t have been much better.

If you’re after some epic alpine passes to test both man and machine, we can whole heartedly recommend the land of cuckoo clocks and holey cheese. Not some more persuasion? These photographic extras should be just the trick.