There are worse ways to spend a Saturday morning than under a blisteringly beautiful British sky on a late summer’s day, surrounded by a myriad of Porsches old and new.

We should know as that’s exactly how we spent our Saturday, over at Canford Classics for the Dorset specialist’s fourth annual Porsche Pull-In, a gloriously down-to-earth car meet for anyone and everyone. As long as you dig Stuttgart’s finest, that is.

Photo by: Josh Barnett @ Flat-Out Magazine

While previous events had generated solid local buzz, for 2017, Canford’s cars and coffee-style meetup (complete with free coffee and bacon rolls) gained even more momentum, attracting over 100 Porsches old and new.

Wherever you looked, there was a heady mix of Porsche’s from sublime early Seventies 911s to the latest 991 generation cars (via front-engined 924s and 944s). In fact, the hordes of Porsches were so strong that the latest arrivals had to park out in the public car park.

Helped by a healthy dose of sunshine, spirits were high and the mood around the grounds of The Old Hay Barn was completely convivial (hardly surprising given the welcome that Alan, Dominique and the team provide upon any visit to their rural headquarters).

On top of the social element, the event also provided a chance for Canford Classics to open their doors to the public and showcase their full range of abilities. Unlike some businesses’ ‘open days’ (where certain things are still very much off limits), Canford’s was a much more relaxed affair; there was not a ‘Do Not Touch’ sign in sight.

The team also took the opportunity to softly launch their new ‘Motoratus’ brand, a range of tastefully done pieces of clothing, from T-shirts to driving gloves, and even a rather eye-catching jacket cut from Porsche seat cloth! It’s safe to say, we’re excited to see more.

If we had one complaint, it’s that the morning rushed by! With so much to see, a solitary gallery simply can’t show it all off. So, don’t worry, we’ll bring you a second part with even more shots on Wednesday…

Convinced that you now need a classic Porsche 911 in your life? Of course you are. Go check out Canford Classics’ website for more details about their range of retro 911 services.