Monaco. The glamourous Mediterranean principality is famed for its automotive obsession, from the famous Grand Prix and rally, to the near constant stream of modern supercars frequenting Casino Square.

It is, therefore, no surprise then that the Monegasque royal family is as obsessed as their country’s rich and famous residents with all things four-wheeled. If you needed proof, you need to look no further than the late Prince Rainier III’s car collection.

Situated in the relatively new ward of Fontvieille (near to the Prince’s Palace), the car collection contains over 100 classic and competition cars, compiled by Prince Rainier III over a 30-year period.

With certain exhibits rotated in and out to keep it fresh, the museum represents and eclectic selection with Formula One stars from the Monaco Grand Prix sitting alongside a polar exploration tractor.

Elsewhere among the displays, an early Citroen 2CV overlooks a Ferrari F50, while the collection also includes a surprising number of American icons, from a fin-tailed Cadillac to 1950s Ford ‘Woody’ Cabriolet.

Perhaps unsurprisingly given that the manufacturer is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, Ferraris took up a large proportion of the floor space on our visit, with an iconic 250 GT Spider joined by the stunningly brutal 375 GTB/4 Competizione.

As car museums go, it featured a number of surprises, from the immaculate Honda monkey bike in a glass cabinet to the unusually-hued Strawberry Red Metallic Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR ‘Gullwing’ Coupe.

For a paltry €6.50 entry (less than the cost of a Coke in many of the Monegasque eateries), it’s well worth a visit if you find yourself with some downtime during a visit to the Riviera.