We just couldn’t help ourselves; Louis’ shots were just too good and we couldn’t let the rest of them end up on the cutting room floor. That would be sacrilegious, wouldn’t it?

And anyway, you’re not going to complain about a few more photos from the first Sunday Scramble of 2018 at Bicester Heritage, are you?

Bicester Heritage Sunday Scramble Ferrari Dino 246 GTS

Photo by: Louis Ruff/ruffsnaps.co.uk

No, we thought not. Why would you? As ever, 2018’s inaugural Sunday Scramble produced an eclectic selection of automotive machinery (both modern and classic) that we just can’t stop lusting after.

For one, the old RAF bomber station was heaving with Porsche 911s of all ages, from early long-hood hot rods through to the latest 991.2 GT3 and even 911R.

But it wasn’t just Zuffenhausen’s finest on show among the wartime buildings (themselves beautifully restored and kept by Bicester Heritage and the multitude of classic car businesses that call it home).

From Jaguar D-Types in spotless workshops to the orange Alfa Romeo GT Veloce sat in the sun outside Legends Automotive, it must have been hard to know where to look next at the opening Sunday Scramble of 2018.

Thankfully, Louis’ intrepid camerawork has captured the event perfectly. Our only problem is that we’ve got to wait until April 22 for the next Sunday Scramble instalment.

While it won’t take you all the way through until the spring, make sure you check out the first part of our 2018 Sunday Scramble mega gallery.