Bike Shed London has transformed from a small gathering of men and machines in 2011 to officially one of the most exciting events on the UK’s motorcycling calendar.

Now held at London’s impressive Tobacco Dock, as opposed to some bloke’s shed, the gathering brings together some of the biggest names and finest creations in the European custom bike scene.

Bike Shed London 2018

Image by: Chloe-Baker Cooper

This year’s event was arguably the hottest on record but also featured the largest collection of bikes, gear, tattooists, musicians, barbers and other such accoutrements that hang on the coattails of this burgeoning scene.

Chloe-Baker Cooper, a keen photographer from Norwich, stomped around the show floor to bring you some of the finest bits and bobs from this year’s collection.

Bike Shed London 2018

Image by: Chloe-Baker Cooper

Whether it’s a first look at some of the professional builds from outfits supported by Triumph or Yamaha, or a long gawp at the painstaking craftsmanship of local heroes, such as Pete from Side Rock Cycles, there’s something for everyone.

Chloe has held a passion for motorcycles from a very young age and her photography revolves around automotive and adventure, with previous work diving deep into this weird and wonderful subcultures that form around two wheels.

Her latest work, dubbed ‘On Two Wheels’, encapsulates the young motorcyclists in her hometown through a series of clever portraits and atmospheric shots.

Missed the show this year? Fret not, because there’s always 2019. Stay tuned to the Bike Shed website for more information.

Chloe uses Canon 6D with a mix of 50mm and 27-75mm lenses.

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