Summer. In the UK we know how fickle this highly-anticipated season can be, so we make the most of it, whether that’s by hitting the open road, enjoying an alfresco pizza or hosting a massive garden party.

If you’re in the process of planning the latter, you’ll undoubtedly need a few tunes to help your guests get their groove on and, for outdoor events, there are few sounds systems better equipped than the new C SEED 125.

C SEED 136 subwoofer

While most hi-fis will live a warm, comfortable life in the living room, the C SEED 125 has been specifically designed to provide an uncompromising aural experience in the great outdoors.

Able to pump out 125 decibels of peak sound pressure (just a little bit less than a modern F1 car), the C SEED 125 is more than capable of keeping a large crowd entertained, or drawing the ire of your neighbours.

C SEED 125 retract

Even at more sociable volumes though, C SEED has worked hard with L-Acoustics, the French masters of outdoor sound engineering, to create a system that has an unparalleled angle of projection, allowing your revellers to dance the night away, even in the corners of your terrace or garden.

The passive system of speakers is available in a range of configurations – from 2.0 stereo to 9.1 surround sound – and a separate subwoofer unit is also available.

C SEED 125 lifestyle

Incredible acoustics aren’t the only selling point of the C SEED 125 though. Having worked with the likes of Porsche Design in the past, C SEED have put a lot of thought into the sound system’s aesthetic appeal.

The speaker towers look pretty space age and they can even be mounted on retractable platforms, allowing the whole system to disappear underground when not in use. Now that’s a party trick we want to see.