Let’s get this out of the way first: a company that goes by the name of Douchebags manufactures the luggage you see in front of you.

Douchebags. Yup, they decided to name their products after a feminine hygiene product but hey, it’s 2018, Donald Trump is President of the United States, Kanye West is still and complete tit and apparently anything goes.

Douchebags Utah Shoot

Image by: Aaron Brimhall

Questionable names aside, Db Equipment’s (that’s better) new collection is actually pretty cool, featuring items such as the gargantuan 65-litre Caryall and the durable Explorer backpack with its ski straps and removable waist band.

We then have the Big Bastard and Little Bastard (tee hee), which feature wheels for easier rolling, while the original, ahem, Douchebag is, according to the company, “the most thought-through ski and snowboard bag on the market”.

Db equipment roped in the skills of snapper extraordinaire Aaron Brimhall to shoot the latest Scarlet Red and Cloud Grey, while the super cool Italian model Giulia Calcaterra lent her riding (and posing) skills.

Photographed on location in the Utah desert, the shoot consists of custom motorcycles, dust and helicopters. It sounds right up our street.

Douchebags Utah Shoot


Check out the site for more information on prices and UK stockists.