Visit the Goldtop website and come across their slogan: “known and recommended everywhere”. This statement seems to ring true when it comes to getting yourself kitted out with motorcycle gear. As someone relatively new to the world of bikes, I did my CBT and went straight to the nearest bike kit store.

I’ll be honest, the price of some of the gloves on sale is enough to have eyes watering, but then any good salesman worth his salt will quickly point out that the first thing that hits the road when you come off is usually the hands. How much are your hands worth? When you think of it that way, paying £70 plus for some gloves doesn’t seem too bad, as you want the best protection you can get.

Gold Top & BMW R100

On top of the typical top quality helmet and jacket, I spaffed additional cash on the  Goldtop gloves. Specifically The Silk Lined Viceroy in waxed brown. They fitted well, looked the part and as the slogan suggests, came highly recommended. A fair few thousand miles on the bike later and I can report they are still going strong .

In fact, they seem to get better the more you use them. Rather stupidly, I decided to wear them on a quad biking adventure on a rainy, muddy day in England. As a result, my gloves were caked in mud and went straight in the washing machine. I have no idea if the guys at Goldtop recommend this, but it seemed my only option short of throwing them. I would recommend it though.

My gloves a few thousand miles in

When they dried, they took on a weathered and worn look that I love. They fit much better now, too. Just Make sure you wear the gloves when they’re wet, helps mould them to your hands.

After this, I decided to check out some of the other products Goldtop have to offer and it seems their nearly 70 years of experience in the industry means they have a great understanding of a quality product. I have no idea why people pay thousands for a Balengiaga coat or a Gucci t-shirt. To me it’s all about the materials used and how long it will last. I can’t see someone wearing that designer gear for long, but you get the feeling that a Goldtop leather jacket could be past down to your kids grandkids.

Gold Top Viceroy

Brand new gloves that you can put your stamp on

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