Denim has always been a big part of the biker/hot rod/general car-loving community. Take a look at some snaps from the 50’s Greaser era and you’ll find almost unending images of oil-soaked Levis 501s, boasting turn-ups large enough to carry your weekly food shop. The blue-collar workwear aesthetic has subsequently resurfaced throughout the years, notably again in the 1970s by Paul Le Mat as hot-rodding badass John Milner in the coming of age classic American Graffiti.

However, this look has been adopted and nurtured off the big screen too, with the likes of heritage boot makers Red Wing and Japanese denim geniuses Visvim bringing the look to the mainstream with a high-end twist.

“Over-engineered is our starting point”

Images courtesy of Iron Heart

Keeping the 50’s era at the forefront of mind, while adding a more traditional twist, is Japanese-born motorcycle outfit Iron Heart.

The concept was born when Japanese native Shinichi Haraki – who began his prestigious resume as a pattern cutter for Edwin – decided to combine his experience in denim-wear with his love for motorbikes.

The team at Iron Heart works on the basis of creating classic and timeless designs, with “no attention paid to fashion trends”. Their product is closely monitored throughout the process, from the selection of materials, to the weave of the denim. Clearly no stone is left unturned on their quest to perfection.

“Aside from the sheer quality of the garment, the options in weighting are what make them so wearable”

Images courtesy of Iron Heart

But underpinning it all is the motorcycling community, which means their materials and methods of crafting make the products extremely durable, and, to some extent protective. The Iron Heart crew mention that some pieces, for example the 25oz XHS (extra heavy selvedge) denim jeans, “are at the limit of what can actually be woven and sewn: over-engineered is our starting point”.

The Iron Heart jean range comes in a variety of different cuts, washes and weights. They say it all started with the creation of the 634, the Iron Heart ‘signature cut’, which features a straight cut, medium rise and slight taper from the knee to hem.

“No attention paid to fashion trends”

Images courtesy of Iron Heart

Aside from the sheer quality of the garment, the options in weighting are what make them so wearable. The 634 range spans lightweight 12oz fabrics, all the way to the 25oz XHS. In short, this means you can not only rock your favourite cut, but choose specific materials for your own purpose, whether that’s a stroll to the shops or a more demanding road trip on the custom chop.

Alongside their extensive range of jeans, Iron Heart also offers a plethora of leather, canvas and denim jackets, many of which are inspired by tried-and-tested military designs. If that isn’t enough to fill your wardrobe, check out the beautifully designed accessories range, which covers everything from wallets, to grooming products. Head to the site to get your Greaser fix.

The Iron Heart 634 jeans start from £220.