Coffee does for us what a full tank of 98 RON unleaded fuel does for your Audi R8’s V10. A bellyful of the black stuff in the morning is the best way to embark on a productive day (not medically proven).

Jura’s latest J6 automatic bean-to-cup coffee machine is worth consideration by anyone looking to get the most from their freshly roasted beans, as this handsome unit uses the marque’s bespoke The Pulse Extraction Process to get the most out of a short extraction time.

Jura J6 Coffee Machine


Initial set-up of the Jura J6 takes a matter of minutes and we were particular taken by a limited Rose Gold finish on our test model, which adds a certain level of bling to any kitchen surface.

Once up and running, users can select from a number of pre-programmed drinks settings (from espresso to latte and cappuccino), as well as instantly adjust strength to taste via a neat rotary dial system.

Jura J6 Coffee Machine

The Jura J6’s built-in fine foam milk frother does its best to emulate the toppings found on speciality drinks without the need for full barista training, although the steam functionality isn’t quite clever enough to create stylish cappuccino art.