The future of electric transportation may be filling many petrolheads with dread, but there’s no escaping the fact that this new dawn of emissions-free transportation is creating a hotbed of creativity among the world’s designers and manufacturers.

Automotive manufacturers are already having a field day with the freedom the lack of combustion engine and bulky transmission tunnels an EV powertrain affords, but it looks as if the world of two-wheels is rapidly catching up.

Katalis EV.500

Indonesian brand and design company Katalis recently unveiled its own personal mobility plans, which were originally intended for the Indonesia International Motor show 2020 but were quickly converted to a digital platform due to the outbreak of Covid-19.

The Selis 500 – a small and affordable electric moped – was the base for its more adventurous creation, the stunning Katalis EV.500. This small but mightily impressive machine features a 500W electric motor powered by a 48V battery system. The little pocket rocket is supposedly good for 40km (25-miles) range and can hit a top speed of around 25mph.

With fast-charging capabilities, the battery pack can be topped up in just three hours, while the diminutive dimensions make it perfect for dodging busy traffic in some of the world’s most densely populated cities.

“We think it is quite rare to have an electric motorcycle design that has a metal body or shield”, explains Julian Palapa, the Principal Designer of Katalis Company. “Furthermore, the rider of this electric motorcycle will also be spoilt by various retro-style instrument panels – from an analogue voltmeter to old style light switches,” he adds.

According to Julian, he felt the Indonesian people began to change their attitudes on how to maintain their wellbeing and the cleanliness of their surroundings following the global pandemic. “We are sure that in the future, more people are shifting from fossil fuel vehicles to renewable energy vehicles,” he says. “This bike could be the blueprint for clean micro-mobility that is fun and looks good,” he added.

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