Sometimes, browsing the internet for cool stuff throws up issues. Occasionally you are overcome with so much “want’ it becomes difficult to maintain a steady bank balance. KILLSPENCER is one such conundrum, as this Californian outfit creates products that are not essential to everyday life, but they are the reason we go to work everyday. Once all the boring stuff is paid for, we pray that there’s enough left in the account to get our hands on a beautifully handcrafted leather tennis racquet case with accompanying tennis ball holder. We don’t even play tennis, but it makes us want to learn.

Founded in 2009, KILLSPENCER says it “designs and builds premium artefacts that reflect a passion for materials and timeless craftsmanship”. Their philosophy is based on the principle that every handmade product is engineered for performance and utility. Headquartered in Cali, the company was founded by Spencer Nikosey—a Los Angeles-based industrial designer. As a graduate of ArtCenter College of Design, his inspiration for performance, functionality and quality are inherent to everything he touches. 

Get yourself on their website and pore over the creations. After that you’ll need to put in some overtime. 




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