The sunny weather has arrived (yeah right) and you’re about to set out on your motorcycle for the first time in ages. But you are in a quandary, because it is too hot out for that beautifully aged leather jacket, yet you still want protection against some old fool in a Nissan Micra accidentally backing in to you at a supermarket car park. We’re not bitter about this incident, honest.

Despite its lightweight frame and breathable mesh material construction, the Knox Urbane Pro Shirt is actually all the riding jacket you will ever need. Let us explain why. Firstly, there is the usual high quality back, shoulder and elbow protection in the form of the brand’s Micro-Lock armour, while CE approved abrasion resistance is built in, meaning an outer shell is no longer necessary unless you want to wear one.

Knox Urbane Pro Jacket Review

We took our Urbane Pro out during the recent Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE first ride and decided to throw it underneath a Resurgence Protective Overshirt, simply because there was al little bit of a chill in the air. The Urbane Pro fits snugly against the skin (we suggest wearing a T-Shirt, otherwise your nipples show through and it looks weird) and little thumb loops keep the arms from riding up when, erm, riding.

Knox states that all shirts are made in the UK using technical fabrics specially selected for their abrasion, cut and tear resistance and we wouldn’t disagree. The top feels solid and the protection sits exactly where you need it, without moving or becoming overly uncomfortable. The only issue we had was that a backpack made the shoulder protection dig in a little, but we blame a cheap backpack for that one.


We will leave it up to you to decide whether it looks fine as a standalone shirt, but we can say that it works brilliantly worn alone or with your favourite lightweight warm or wet weather shirt slung over the top. Plus, it will be keeping our bones safe during the upcoming Malle Mile and DirtQuake events.

The Knox Urbane Pro is available from our shopping partner Legacy85 for £189.98. Click below to buy.