Austrian motocross crew KTM has announced its upcoming range of 2020 Enduro models, which aim to meet their philosophy of ensuring the race is won, before it even starts.

Sat among their latest fleet of beastly bikes is the 300 EXC – purpose built for the sport of Extreme Enduro, this nimble little unit sneers in the face of muddy trails.

KTM is hammering home the fact it has undergone a complete remodelling and refinement of the 300 EXC model. Featuring the latest ergonomic bodywork and updated frame, the Austrian team say riding is now lighter and more agile than ever, while the changes to the framework “allow the rider to select a line with instant precision”.

“The exhaust features an all new 3D stamped finish, which means resistance to rocks is improved and noise is at an all-time low”

With race-winning innovation at the core of the build, KTM has given the 300 EXC liposuction worthy of any Beverly Hills clinic, stripping weight from wherever possible. The bike is held together with their next-gen lightweight chromo steel frames. The all-important two stroke engine is held in place with aluminium brackets, not only shedding mass, but reducing vibration through your private parts.

Sat neatly within the framework is a compact, electronically fuel injected engine, which boasts a hi-tech “KTM TPI” system, that the team, says, “removes the need for pre-mixing fuel and re-jetting, meaning that with less effort, the engine always runs smoothly and crisply”.

“Changes in the framework allow the rider to select a line with instant precision”

Bolted to the rear is KTMs latest in HD exhaust technology (unfortunately, there’s no TV involved). Aside from looking like a laser blaster from a sci-fi flick, the new can apparently plays a key role in maximising power and performance. Featuring an all new 3D stamped finish, it means resistance to rocks is improved and noise is at an all-time low. Perfect for ripping up that farmer’s trail without running the risk of a ruddy-faced nutter releasing the hounds.

For 2020, a special 25-year Erzberg Rodeo limited edition will be produced (pictured at the top of this feature). Each of the 500 units will be packed with PowerParts and a unique graphics kit to commemorate the race’s silver anniversary

Prices start at a cool £8,640 for the KTM 300 EXC. Flat-Out HQ strongly suggests you go check it out over at the KTM site.