Swedish designer, Love Hultén’s creations often blend modern tech with retro stylings and his latest creation, the Astovox Hi-Fi, doesn’t break with this tried and tested aesthetic formula.

Hand crafted from African Mahogany, the cubic speaker casings – finished with a brushed aluminium face – certainly channel a classic Sci-Fi vibe.

Inside each casing sits a 6.75-inch Pioneer driver featuring an aramid/basalt composite construction claimed to maintain excellent clarity over a wide audio range. Whether you’re listening to some classic hip-hop or modern alt-rock, the Love Hulstén Astovox’s highs and lows are guaranteed to please your earholes.

The modular sound system also includes an amplifier unit built around a Texas Instruments chip. Providing a combined 100W of power, the amp uses a Bluetooth input for wireless tune streaming (although a 3.5mm aux port is also included on the back).

If desired, the wood casing and aluminium faceplate can be customised with three different finishes while the speaker can be ordered without stands, allowing you stack the system up and create your perfect audio arrangement.

Available as either a full set, or with standalone speakers, the Love Hultén Astovox will be limited to just 100 pieces, all signed and numbered by the Swedish designer.

€2,300 (full set), lovehulten.com

Love Hulten Astovox 5