Handheld games consoles are nothing new. After all, the original Nintendo Game Boy is nearly 30 years old (yep, now we feel ancient). However, if a PlayStation Vita is just a bit too 21st Century for your tastes, let us introduce you to the Love Hultén Cary42.

Love Hultén’s name shouldn’t be unfamiliar to ardent FlatOuters. We’re big fans of the Swedish designer’s retro-themed creations, and the Cary42 portable arcade console is no different.

Love Hulten Cary42 attaché case

Hidden inside the handcrafted wooden attaché case, the Love Hultén Cary42 houses a two-player arcade console (featuring a 12-inch LCD screen and 10W speaker) perfect for providing hours of co-op entertainment on those long winter nights.

The console comes loaded up with 100 arcade classics, including Contra, Gauntlet and Metal Slug. Can’t find your favourite? Don’t worry. There’s also a USB port and storage for up to 10,000 emulated games, allowing you to upload your own favourite titles.

In typical Love Hulten fashion, the American walnut case is a thing of beauty. Just 50 units will be produced, each personally built by the Swede himself, with the option to customise your Cary42 with a bespoke mother of pearl inlay.

Planned to ship in December, this could be the perfect Christmas gift (yep, we’ve mentioned the ‘C’ word) for the discerning retro gamer.

From €2,599, lovehulten.com