All headphones are largely the same, right? They are either large can-like things that go over your ears and pump noise into them, or they are little buds that go in your ears and pump noise into them.

The folk at Swiss company Luzli will disagree, as their over-ear creations have more in common with luxury, high-end watchmaking than the sort of headphones you see athletes and wannabe rappers wearing in crap music videos.

Luzli Roller Headphones

A new, larger Roller MK02 models joins the debut MK01, which is now available in black, and it features the same unique folding mechanism, with the added bonus of deeper 40mm custom dynamic drivers for an even beefier sound.

With headbands machined from pure aluminium and stainless steel, the same high-quality materials more commonly associated with premium watches, Luzli’s designs offer a great fit, resulting in outstanding comfort for those longer sessions. They also travel well; the MKo1 rolls up into the smallest package in its class. The cables and ear pads are also all replaceable, further ensuring longevity. 

Luzli Roller Headphones

According to the company, the baffles, acoustic chambers, foam ear pads and bass ports in these classically passive headphones were all tuned to create the finest possible sound. “Despite their unsurpassed portability, both headphone models produce a sonic scale that completely belies their compact dimensions,” claims its maker.

The MK01 comes in a choice of silver or black, with prices starting at £2,880. The MK02 comes in silver at £3,840. Available now from