Those among you who paid attention during Latin class will already know that ‘memento mori’ means ‘remember, you must die’.

It’s a blunt and slightly morbid aide-mémoire that we are all only human and have a limited time left on this planet.

In fact, simply putting a percentage symbol after your age is a good way of visualising the amount of dead you already are. The higher that percentage, the more you have to grab life by the balls.

Metaxas and Sins Marquis Memento Mori

But I digress, because the achingly stylish Memento Mori from leading audio specialists Metaxas and Sins is a stunning headphone amplifier that combines art, contemporary sculpture and cutting-edge audio tech.

It also costs a cool £6,000 – proving that you have to be somewhat of a bon vivant to invest – but that money buys the unique sculpted skull design, which is CNC-machined from solid aluminium billet.

Inside, the device’s circuit technology borrows from 25 years of concert recording experience and is said to offer the “purest sound with effortless realism”.

Metaxas and Sins Marquis Memento Mori

To protect sound quality, Metaxas and Sins has kept the design deliberately minimalistic.

Two contrasting skull-mounted red dials offer volume control and input selection, with the main headphone output connection socket beneath. The cranium’s recessed eye sockets contain VU meters, with each needle reacting to the incoming signal level.

The standard finish is a high gloss black but additional colourways are available, costing £250 extra.

Metaxas and Sins Marquis Memento Mori

Those with the cash to burn and a desire for uncompromising sound quality should head to Audio Sanctuary, where the unique sound system will be sold exclusively.