Peace, tranquility, serenity: this may be how you envisage a trip to explore our natural habitats. Pure bliss… until you realise you have to haul around a large, cumbersome kayak that you’ll struggle to get to the water. Suddenly, your idyllic adventure seems like it’s just too much hard work to be worth it. Back-breaking, bull-busting hard work.

It’s a conundrum many kayaking fans face each time they want to get out on the water. Most kayaks are big, unwieldy and tricky to transport. Not so if you opt for the Inlet from Oru Kayak.

Sold as the world’s most accessible kayak, you can get out for a paddle in the Inlet to explore your local waterscape easily without the fuss of getting a trailer or roof rack (which isn’t a great look if you’ve acquired a sweet sportscar). It weighs under 10kg, so it can be easily stored in your garage or slung into the back of your car once you find the perfect day to go on an adventure. It also takes less than three minutes to get it ready to go.

Once you’ve unfolded the origami pattern, you can take out the 10-foot Inlet onto calmer waters – think smooth lakes, meandering rivers and quiet streams. It’s perfect for the first-time kayaker and fine for those with a little more experience, too. If you fancy, you could even go exploring with one of your children or your favourite doggo friend because of the large, open cockpit available.

Just because it’s light doesn’t mean that the Inlet won’t deal with the odd bump and scrape. It may only be 5mm thick, but the polypropylene hull should withstand slight impacts and sliding over rocks without getting your feet wet. Your Inlet should endure 20,000 fold cycles, too – if you find enough days with good enough weather, that is…

If you have a spare bit of cash – we’re talking $899 (or about £690) – you can buy your very own Inlet for those spontaneous outdoor adventures.

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