It’s no secret that eBikes are quickly becoming the next generation of commuter vehicle, whether your own personal finishing line is a swanky Soho office block or the local surf break. Regardless of the destination, this latest creation, spawned from US-based Rad Power Bikes, will get you there in fat-tyres, trail-shredding style.

The Seattle natives have fettled their flagship model, the Rad Rover, so us Europeans can enjoy a machine that now complies with the L1e-A electric bike category. In plain English, that essentially means the crew at Rad Power Bikes have equipped the hefty Rhino with a punchy 750W Bafang geared hub motor that pumps out 80Nm of torque, but pedal assist is limited to around 16mph in order to avoid unwanted attention from The Fuzz.

Image courtesy of Rad Power Bikes

The Rhino, much like some of its new-fangled eBike peers, can be controlled using a simple twist throttle if you’re feeling really lazy. However, if you do fancy building some rock-solid calves up for the summer, you can cruise up hills with a 5-level pedal assist system, which can all be monitored and altered via the built in LCD display.

The Rad Rhino’s armoury doesn’t end there though, as this swift little unit comes armed with integrated head and tail lights that will run throughout it’s approximate 40-mile range. There’s no need for a bag full of AA batteries either, because the lights are all powered by the slim Samsung Lithium battery that clips onto the frame.

Image courtesy of Rad Power Bikes


The Rhino also sports some hefty puncture resistant 4-inch Kenda K-Shield knobble tyres that paired up with an optional extra surf rack make it the perfect two-wheeler for some coastal questing. It goes without saying Flat-Out HQ is looking forward to testing out this bad boy for ourselves, so keep your eyes peeled for the full feature coming soon.

Prices start at €1,699 (around £1,500) and you can find out more at the Rad Power Bikes website.