There aren’t many TV shows that cross age gaps, continents and political borders like The Simpsons – it is arguably one of the most important pieces of popular culture and for that reason it should be celebrated.

But we don’t mean in some kind of semi-ironic, ‘oh look at me, I’m wearing a kid’s T-shirt’ way but in a classy nod to the colourful family, as highlighted by the excellent new collection from State Bicycle Co.

The Simpsons x State Bicycle

Renowned for crafting some mighty fine single speed and fixed-gear steeds, State has just announced a range of three limited edition collections of complete bikes and frame sets, which feature one of the three designs; the Bart & Crossbone, the Springfield Character Wrap, and the Color Block.

State Bicycle Co. even offers a bespoke range of cycling bibs, caps, socks and jerseys to match each collection, with limited edition jerseys featuring iconic characters such as Otto Mann and Itchy & Scratchy offered later this year.

The Simpsons x State Bicycle

This is the only way to ride the Bart & Crossbones model

Complete bikes start at £499,while frames start at £189. The rad matching cycling jerseys cost £59.99 and you can even pick up a set of foot straps to finish off the look. Yours for a mere £29.99.

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