Installing a traditional wood-fired pizza oven in your garden might just be one of the coolest things a human being could possibly do, but it’s also time consuming and expensive. Not so with the Uuni 3.

This Nordic-inspired oven is both inexpensive and a doddle to set up, capable of reaching temperatures up to 500°C in ten minutes and cooking authentic pizza in just 60-seconds.

Uuni 3 Wood Fired Oven

This particular design runs on energy-dense wood pellets and can be used to cook everything from flatbreads and steak to salmon and vegetables in a mater of minutes.

It’s impressively portable too, harnessing a tripod-style base system and a new Chimney Lock mechanism, which makes it easy to transport. Pull up to a BBQ with this sucker and watch jaws drop.

Uuni 3 Wood Fired Oven

Finally, Uuni has recently announced that it will also launch its own compatible gas burner system, doing away with the need for wood pellets but delivering a similar cooking experience.