One of the biggest bugbears we have with the current crop of electric bicycles is styling. The bulky battery packs are often crudely bolted to the downtube in order to save a bit of dosh and even our recent smile-inducing ride on the awesome Rad Power Bikes RadRhino is let down slightly by the packaging.

American eBike manufacturers Vintage Electric thinks it has the answer, and by cleverly disguising the electrical gubbins as an old V-twin motorcycle engine, the chaps have managed to create a form of personal mobility that stands out from the crowd. Step forward the Vintage Electric Roadster.

Vintage Electric Roadster

But don’t be fooled by the retro styling, because this old school ripper is absolutely dripping with the latest technology. A hydro-formed aluminium frame blends lightweight and strength, while an MRP inverted-fork system supplies 60mm of front wheel travel to absorb road irregularities. The Vintage Electric Roadster’s polished alloy seat-post features a saddle constructed with sable leather that matches the leather-wrapped handlebars to give riders a classic automotive feel.

“A powerful 1123W battery and equally punchy rear hub motor allow for speeds of up to 36mph”

At the front, there’s a powerful LED headlamps and the rider can check on vital statistics thanks to an electronic interface that’s mounted to the handlebars, which are slightly swept back for that classic cruiser ride.

Vintage Electric Roadster next to truck

Anyone who regularly reads Flat-Out will know that we were blown away by the Rayvolt Cruzer – a machine that played heavily on similar vintage aesthetics, but could also silently speed up to almost 30mph via a thumb throttle. Well, Vintage Electric offers a similar set up with a thumb-throttle that provides easy, convenient access to five incredibly smooth power modes.

But here, a powerful 1123W battery and equally punchy rear hub motor allow for speeds of up to 36mph in the optional private-property/closed-course “race” mode. We all know most customers will slip it into this setting and leave fellow motorists bemused as they slice through city traffic.

The Vintage Electric Roadster costs a staggering $6,995 (around £5,790) and is currently only available to US customers. Check out the website for more information.