It is more muscular than a jacked-up Instagram fitness model, packs an engine that wouldn’t look out of place in a modern sports car and boasts the sort of styling that has children fleeing for safety whenever it thunders through a small town. Yup, it could only be the utterly bonkers Triumph Rocket… and it is back with a bang.

When the now-legendary Rocket III launched in 2004, it rapidly gained a reputation for deliberately teasing the competition with more muscle, presence and torque than anything offered by Harley-Davidson, Indian and even Honda.

Triumph Rocket 3 TFC 2019

To celebrate the launch of this all new Rocket, Triumph is creating a limited edition version that will see just 750 roll off the production line, each with a numbered edition plaque, unique badging and a special handover ceremony for those with a spare £25,000 to splash on a motorcycle. Utter, utter madness.

Although, that price is semi-justified when you delve deeper into the facts a figures: a brand new 2,500cc Triple engine with the highest torque of any production motorcycle (221Nm) powers the machine, with power peaking at more than 170hp, while optimised cornering ABS and trick traction control aims to keep everything on the road.

On top of this, the limited TFC (Triumph Factory Custom) model features and innovative sculpted three-header exhaust run, a distinctive single sided swinging arm, a leather interchangeable single and twin seat set-up and premium details and finishes, including carbon bodywork.

It is a bold move from Triumph, considering the original Rocket failed to find many customers when it launched back in 2004. But things have changed since then and this bike looks set to be an engineering masterpiece, with all of the technical mod cons today’s buyers demand. Plus, there’s a slightly more affordable version on the way.

Triumph Rocket 3 TFC 2019

We can’t wait to see it in the flesh. If we can bring ourselves out from behind the sofa, that is.