It must be tough to be a super yacht owner. There’s the extortionate fuel bills to worry about, the constant fretting over what beautiful marina to stop at for lunch and the constant niggling issue of on-deck entertainment.

Come on guys, how on earth does a humble yachtsman achieve an immersive cinema experience while bobbing around off the coast of Barbados? It’s a bloody nightmare!

Profligate pessimists need worry no more, as serial sexual Austrian AV specialists C SEED have just unleashed a fully retractable Supermarine 144 or 201-inch TV (depending on the model) and matching Supermarine Speakers for all your anchors away audio visual needs.

C SEED Supermarine

C SEED speakers compliment the enormous screen

It features a unique hydraulic drive system, which its makers claim is a “wildly sophisticated” combination of vertical and horizontal drive units that retract the gargantuan screen into a shallow compartment that measures just 78cm (31 inch) depth, saving valuable space on and below decks.

This complicated hydraulic system takes 15 seconds to rise to its impressive height of 3m (9.8 ft).

Once fully erected (calm down at the back), LED panels then fold out over a period of 45 seconds to create the impressive clear display upon which revellers can enjoy a movie or catch up on the latest episode of Coronation Street.

C SEED Supermarine

A unique folding hydraulic mechanism allows the C SEED Supermarine to disappear below deck

Owners can even use the screen in the piercing Caribbean sunshine, as the unit’s impressive luminosity of 4,500 Nits and its contrast ratio of 4.500:1 ensures crystal clear entertainment all day long.

Accompanying the visual masterpiece is an equally divine set of C SEED Supermarine speakers, which elegantly rise from the deck in a splendid display of showmanship.

C SEED Supermarine

The C SEED 201 was previously hailed as the world’s largest outdoor TV

Each unit is precision-machined out of massive blocks of aluminium, with all sensitive parts crafted of stainless steel to ensure longevity in the salty sea air.

You’ll have to speak to C SEED if you’re lucky enough to be genuinely interested, as official pricing is yet to be revealed.

We’re still waiting for our invite to test the system on the high seas.