When someone close to you has a milestone birthday, what do you do for them? You might decide to throw them a surprise party, or plan a trip away with them. You could even treat them to an unforgettable experience they’ve always wanted. How about a special edition car to mark the occasion?

That’s what Dutch sportscar producer Donkervoort has done to celebrate with the D8 GTO-JD70 – the ‘JD’ for founder Joop Donkervoort and the ‘70’ for, well, his 70th birthday. Obvs.

Every special present should come with a fancy wrapping, right? You get that with the D8 GTO-JD70 too, as you can specify yours in Bare Naked Carbon Edition (BCNE). This means you can get yours with either a raw carbon appearance with matt or gloss lacquer, or you can add a hint of colour – of your choice, naturally, but there’s also a variety of standard tints available.

This treatment gives you the added bonus of reducing the weight of the 700kg model to about 694kg. On top of that, you get to look at all the fantastic detail of the carbon fibre/Kevlar weave that covers 95% of the bodywork.

Donkervoort is touting this rapid little two-seater as the world’s first 2G production car, meaning it can pull up to 2G of force when you vigorously take it around corners. And it’s no slouch in a straight line, either, as it can pull up to 1G on acceleration. It’s speed is aided by the same 2.5-litre five-cylinder engine you’ll find under the bonnet of the Audi TT RS – with this version producing a tasty 415bhp.

“The JD70 has moved beyond the normal measures for acceleration and braking and we’re using G forces now, ”says Managing Director, Denis Donkervoort. “But the car is still a pure driver’s machine like nothing else on the market.”


There are only 70 units of the Donkervoort D8 GTO-JD70 available, so of course it’s got an exclusive price to match: starting from €163,636.36 before tax, that’s around £148,000. Better start saving for that special someone now.

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