Most bike-loving folk purchase a motorcycle, only to stare admiringly at it in the garage, occasionally give it a little polish and when the sun shines for the two days a year here in the UK, take it for a quick blast to a favoured meeting point. Sales of trickle charges on this island must be higher than anyone else in Europe.

There is always an exception to the rule and you’ll find it in a very small bunch of petrol-huffing lunatics that pack their bags and bikes, head for Barcelona and then embark on a 2,500km hack through desert, across plains and into the wilderness each year for the awesome Fuel Scram Africa event.

Fuel Scram Africa 2020

Image by: fuel/Gotz Goppert

This year is going to be arguably the most arduous yet, riding some stages with just a few indications and waypoints, as opposed to GPS or electrical navigation assistance. The ability to read a map (or the stars, if you’re a total badass) is essential. The team at behind the Fuel Scram Africa has also inserted a night stage as an additional challenge.

Things kick off on Saturday the 25th April, when a ferry leaves Barcelona for Nador in Morocco. This signals the beginning of the madcap rally, which is open to both modern and neo-retro scramblers, as well as old-school and customised dirt bikes. The route then zig-zags across Morocco, heading in towards the foot of the Atlas Mountains in Boudenib, before flirting with desert terrain in Merzouga, Ramila and across mountain terrain before looping back to Tanger.

It is a solid 10 days of riding, with just fellow comrades and a support vehicle for company. Expect to pitch up for the night under the stars (accommodation is included in towns) and eat like a proper local (breakfast and dinner also covered). The price of this year’s Fuel Scram Africa is €3,000 per person and bike, but you’ll have to get yourself to Barca, make sure you’ve got the correct insurance and cover fuel, tolls and any massive booze bill that may or may not be run up at the local bars and drinking holes.

Sound like fun? There are still some places left for this year’s event ,which runs from 25th April to 6th May. All you need to do is visit the website for more information and start perfecting your inner Bear Grylls.

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