Anyone who has lovingly restored – or paid someone to loving restore – a classic vehicle will attest to the amount of time the project typically takes.

Even those specialist companies that command top premiums often hit a brick wall at some point, have to wait for parts or find some issue that slows down the entire process.

Gateway Bronco

The range-topping Modern Day Warrior

You’re looking at a bunch of fools that took almost two years to complete our Honda CB175 project, so we totally feel the pain.

However, the specialists over at Gateway Bronco believe customers shouldn’t have to wait for their pristine first generation Ford Broncos and as a result of this thinking, they’ve set up a full-on production line to ensure the quickest turnaround.

Gateway Bronco

Porsche leather interiors are a must-have

It all starts with a donor or barn find 1966-1977 model, which Gateway Bronco will happily source. After this, the customer gets the choice of three distinct body styles: the Fuelie, the Coyote Edition and the Modern Day Warrior.

A spanking new 2018 Coyote 5.0-litre engine is used in the later two iterations, while a tried-and-tested fuel injected 347 Stroker is used in the cheapest Fuelie model.

Gateway Bronco

The entry-level Fuelie with its 347 Stroker engine

Fresh four or five speed gearboxes are also thrown into the mix (a six-speed Raptor transmission goes in the range-topping Modern Day Warrior), while interiors are either updated leather ‘originals’ or fashioned from stunning genuine Porsche leather.

These modern mechanicals and updated interiors are then lovingly installed in the 60,000 sq ft ‘assembly line’ at Gateway Bronco HQ by a team of master craftsmen, allowing the company to offer warranties of up to five years.

Gateway Bronco

The Coyote Edition with bags of style

Owner and founder Seth Burgett has been obsessed with the Blue Oval since he was a kid and claims that he is building Broncos the way Henry Ford would have wanted.

Expect to part with around $80,000 for the entry-level Fuelie and double that budget if you want the balls-out Modern Day Warrior model, but cars are usually delivered just two months after ordering.

Interested? If you’re cruising along Route 66, you can pay the guys a visit. Or just hit the website.

*Hat tip to the excellent Uncrate for sticking this on our radar