We might have been a little slow to this project, but it encapsulates everything we find cool about cars: a vintage 1949 Mercury Coupe, dual electric motors, stacks of battery power and enough rusty patina to sink a ship (literally, if this was a ship it would have gone down a long time ago).

The donor car was first sourced by ICON and then completely overhauled, with plenty of attention focussed on preserving the original story. According to its makers, the 1949 Mercury had been in Southern California since new but needed a lot of work to get it ready for its new EV beating heart. Fresh sound deadening, seals and rubbers were added, while a brand new chassis and brakes had to be developed specially for the machine.

ICON 1949 MErcury Coupe

The 1949 ‘Merc’ also features a dual-electric motor, transmission-less powertrain that provides 637Nm of torque and the equivalent of 400hp. It’s as simple as burying the right foot and watching the speedo tickle the vehicle’s 120mph top speed.

A full Tesla Performance 85kWh battery array is strategically fit throughout the vehicle for ‘exceptional’ weight balance. It is capable of an estimated 150- to 200-mile range and has 1.5-hour full recharge capability via it CHAdeMO fast charger located behind a rather cool, tilting front number plate.

ICON 1949 MErcury Coupe

Typically ones to fettle old Ford Broncos and other iconic 4x4s, ICON says that the innovative 1949 Merc is a pioneering project that is part of its “Derelict” series of conversions – a series that focuses on maintaining the old exterior look of vehicles, while incorporating ultra-modern electrics and battery power.

Arguably one of the coolest things about this classic Merc is under the bonnet, where ICON had a bit of fun. The electric motors fit where the old transmission resided, so the team created a custom aluminium V8 “engine” to house the battery controllers and a few Tesla modules. The casing is polished within an inch of its life and offers a brilliantly cheeky nod to the old gas-guzzlers that would have once powered this mighty fine machine.

The ICON Merc was supposed to be on display at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, which was unfortunately cancelled due to the coronavirus epidemic currently sweeping the world. It’s a shame, but feel free to spend some time salivating over the imagery we have here. Fancy owning one? Visit the ICON website.

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