Mutt Motorcycles has long topped our list of some of the coolest cats in the bike building industry and Benny Thomas, a former Chopper legend, has created an excellent and affordable way of getting on an entry-level bike without looking like a berk.

The Super 4 is the latest addition to the already brilliant Mutt range and features the same hallmarks as the Mongrel, the Fat Sabbath and the myriad chunky machinery, with 18” big knobbly tyres, a diamond pattern low profile seat and a stainless steel exhaust system that emits that unmistakable deep thump that belies the bullet-proof 125cc engine.

Mutt Motorcycles Super 4

But take a closer look at the tank and it soon becomes apparent that the boys have been taking a trip down memory lane while watching 70s road trip movies on repeat, as the tank comes in either an eye-popping blue or gold micro-flake, throwing back to the original superbikes from the land of the rising sun.

“The idea behind the Super 4 was to create a bike that echoes the current movement of customising 70’s Japanese classics, except we want that feel straight out of the gate without the headaches of working on old bikes,” explains Head of The House of Mutt and chief of customisation, Benny Thomas.

Mutt Motorcycles Super 4

“The Super 4 paint is a custom slant on the 70’s factory paint jobs and of course the fat tyres, short aluminium mudguards and all the other parts that make up the Super 4 help give this little thumper a solid custom built vibe,” he adds.

These bikes start at an extremely reasonable £3,495 and pack a little fuel injected four-stroke engine that puts out 12hp and 10Nm of torque. It’s not going to set pants on fire but our test ride of some of Mutt’s other creations reveal that it’s plenty to enjoy a spirited hack around town.

Visit the site for more information on how to buy and check out some of the other models on offer.